Monthly Archives: October 2008

Gorgon v1.1.0.0 released from it’s beta cage to cause untold carnage.

Version (Ionian) is now live.  This is a final release version and that means v1.1.x is now out of beta.  The list of changes are located here.

Note that since the beta, I’ve yet again changed installers.  I know some people don’t like installers (and I don’t either sometimes), but it’s really handy when I need to set up file associations, and have some sort of automated uninstall.   Plus the installers will automatically detect whether the Visual C++ 2008 SP1 runtimes are installed and install the necessary files if needed.  That’s a convienence that I appreciate.  Note that I don’t have redistributables for DirectX or .NET 3.5 SP1.  Those installers are huge, and I don’t think I’m allowed to package the web installers – nor am I able to write the install scripts required to download them (yet).  For now it just tells you that you need those packages and will abort until they’re installed.  Links to those installers are provided on the downloads page.

From this point on, I’m only going to be making small corrections to the library if a critical bug pops up.  I don’t plan on doing any other major additions or upgrades (at least, not for a while).  I’m going to focus on other projects in the coming months.  I will be keeping an eye out for bug reports on the forums and on the google code issues page so I’m not abandoning the library.  However, if there’s anyone who’d like to pick up the reins of this project and move it on to the next level, let me know via the forums and I’ll add you to the project user list. 

With that said about installers, please be sure to remove any previous version of Gorgon before installing.  If you were using the betas, this should just amount to deleting the directory you installed Gorgon into and the start menu folder by hand.

Anyway, enough of that.  Go download it and write something spiffy.

Blogs are for idiots.

And thus why I did this.  Plus I’m wanting to move away from my gamedev journal, it’s… yeah, it’s just fucking bad.

So from here on, all Gorgon related announcements will appear here and my rants, which are just fucking awesome, will appear here as well.  Any future projects will have announcements here as well.

So yeah, it’ll be updated every time a random random number generator in a random country returns 3.5322874.  Which is quite often if you have a life expectency of 150,000 years +/- 2.125 years.