Monthly Archives: January 2010

Moar User Stuff

Well we have another user contribution from forum member domq.  He’s doing a “sort-of” Ultima 6 MMO remake called Britannia On-Line.  Frankly it looks awesome, and I can’t believe Gorgon can be used for stuff like that.  Who knew?  I sure didn’t.

Anyway, I’ve added screenshots of the project to the screenshots gallery under the user contribution gallery.  You can check out more about the project in the forums.

Domq also found an issue with the TextSprite when the bounding rectangle is very small and WordWrap = true.  This has been corrected (by domq) and I’ve put the fixed code into the Subversion repository.

User stuff

So I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but laziness and real life gets in the way.  Anyway, one of the forum members, Zeraan, has created a nifty little asteroids clone called Asteroids of Beyaan.  You can check out the project (which includes a link to the game itself) in the forums.  I’ve also added screenshots for the game in the screenshots section of the site under the user contributed screenshots section.

I’ve also added two new (well, not so new seeing as they’ve been there for a long time) screenshots for the RPC project by ShadowDust702.  Those too can be found in the screenshots/user contributed section.  Check the project description for a download (demo/test version) link.