So you’ve written this bang up game and now you need to send it to someone and you’re asking “How do I do this?” Well, an installer program like InnoSetup will help greatly. But what you’ll really need is to know what files to include with your game or application. And without further ado:


Prerequisite packages for distribution:

These packages are installers that deliver required files for use by Gorgon and should be included with and executed by your installer package (at the very least your victims need to be informed that they need to install these items before running your application).

Along with those packages you will need be sure that your applications bundles the following with its own installer:

Assembly (DLL/Executable) files required by Gorgon applications

  • Gorgon.dll – This should, again, be obvious.
  • GorgonFramework.dll – This is required if you’re using the extra framework functionality

 Required if you’re using the compressed file systems (BZip 2/Zip compressed file systems)

  • GorgonBZip2FileSystem.dll
  • GorgonZipFileSystem.dll (for Zip file support)
  • ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll

Required if you’re using the raw input interface plug-in.

  • GorgonInput.dll

Why not just use the SlimDX DLL instead of the redistributable?

Well, you -could- bundle the SlimDX DLL with your application, however this is not ideal for a number of reasons:

The SlimDX redistributable installer puts the assembly into the GAC and if you’re running an x64 system, then it will put both into the GAC and the .NET runtime will choose the appropriate one when your application executes. If you bundle just the DLL, then you will need to ensure you have the correct version (x86 or x64 and the correct version number for SlimDX), and ensure that your application is compiled for one of those platforms (i.e. not AnyCPU).


The SlimDX redistributable will install the correct Visual C++ runtime, saving you the headache of having to ensure that the correct version is installed on the client machine.  The SlimDX redistributable will install the correct version of the DirectX redistributable (it’s still best to get the latest DirectX redistributable from Microsoft) to get around some of the earlier annoyances with missing D3DX*.dll dependencies on some systems.


Promit worked like a dog on the installer, so use it. It’s best not to meddle in the affairs of the Promit. For he is hardly subtle, but still quick to anger.

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