Font editor

It’s been a very long time since I’ve made an update here.  I’ve been working steadily on the font editor module for the Gorgon editor and it’s finally nearing completion (the last 99% of 99% of 99% etc…). I’m quite proud of this thing.  It’s supports a pretty well rounded suite of functionality for designing […]

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In the 2.x version of Gorgon I wanted to add cameras.  It was most tedious before when you wanted to translate an entire scene by an arbitrary amount.  So when I started this thing, I created an Orthographic camera object.  The previous version of Gorgon used an Orthographic camera internally and this was never exposed […]

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Clearly I’ve not been posting

But I have been doing stuff. I’ve been spending my time refactoring and just cleaning up the code in Gorgon.  I made the mistake of getting Resharper and it put me on this crusade of cleaning up the code because apparently I’m just awful.  Also, I’ve been finishing up the primary graphics API (not the […]

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More the editor

Here’s a another screenshot of the editor.  This time with the Font editor plug-in in action.  Note that this is very very very incomplete and may not look like this when everything is said and done.

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The editor

So I’ve been busy working on building the editor for creating the content for Gorgon.  I know I posted a screenshot of a very old initial version of the editor way back: Ugly. Anyway, I totally scrapped that old thing and restarted.  And here’s a more up to date (but not even close to being […]

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FINALLY.   I’VE FINALLY DONE IT!  It took weeks of work, but I managed to exorcise D3DX from Gorgon.  Behold my video playing an animated GIF using a 2D texture array: I’ve provided extensive info after the jump thingy.

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So I’ve been adding examples to the new version of Gorgon for the last week or so.  The latest one shows how to use the new input system to use a Raw Input mouse, keyboard and joystick (if present, and is actually not using Raw Input as such).  It’s a pretty silly example, but shows […]

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Well, it’s been a while.  I’ve been busy.  You’ve been busy. Anyway, I actually took some time to test out a piece of functionality for the new version of Gorgon.  This new version of Gorgon will have a graphics API separate from the 2D renderer (the 2D renderer uses the graphics API however).  This is […]

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.NET 4.5 – Visual Studio 2012

So, I got myself a copy of Visual Studio 2012 Pro.  It’s pretty nice, except for the shitty all-caps menus (which you can turn off with the registry hack located here).  I really didn’t have any plans on moving Gorgon v2.x to .NET 4.5/VS2012 until I saw this:

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Gorgon in text mode…

Yep.  Console window actually.   Exciting.  Just a silly example program showing how to use some of the functionality from the common library. You can go back to sleep now.

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Windows 8

So I’m trying out Windows 8 (yes, it’s not released to the public, and yes I have it legally). Dear God, what a mess this whole Metro/desktop thing is.  Someone over at Microsoft must have split personality disorder or something.  How in hell did they think that was a good idea?? Anyway, the OS does […]

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Dual monitor stuff

So here’s a screenshot of the dual monitor code in action: It’s not much to look at, but it was a major pain in the ass to get working, and does indeed work.  Basically you create 2 forms, and 2 swap chains and set both swap chains to full screen and then add some special […]

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Look at my balls

So, I’ve been quite busy lately with a new job and such.  And as a consequence I haven’t had any time for Gorgon recently.  But I finally sat down this evening and did a little work (not much mind you, and certainly nothing of note) on Gorgon 2.x. I’ve uploaded the Ball Demo to the […]

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Issues with installing SlimDX Mar 2009 (

Apparently there’s an issue with Gorgon installing SlimDX.  When the installer runs, it is supposed to detect whether the March 2009 SP1 (v2.0.7.41) SlimDX assemblies are installed.  If they are not, then it will install SlimDX for you.  However, it has come to my attention that the Gorgon install has not been installing SlimDX. The […]

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Gorgon – 1.1.4529.31450

There’s a new version of Gorgon uploaded.  There’s not a huge amount in this release regarding the actual graphics library, just a few bug fixes. However, there are two important changes: The project/solution files for the library source code were converted to Visual Studio 2010.  This means that in order to compile the Gorgon library, […]

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