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Forum is going away


Since it’s pretty dead there (not that that’s unexpected, I hardly update the site), I will be shutting down the forums.

They will be locked into a read-only mode so that any information required is still available.

If you have a pressing Gorgon issue, I recommend using the Github repository, or leaving a comment on the blog (the git hub site is preferable however).

As for Gorgon: Believe it or not, I still work on it. Just at an incredibly slow pace. Similar to time dilation in a black hole or something magical like that.

Kids… take my advice… don’t grow up

I’m sure people think Gorgon is dead.  Well, it’s not dead, but certainly not active either.  I’m pretty much done with writing for it (bugs being an exception).  If you’re interested in helping maintain it, please let me know via the forums.  My day job and my social life (which I’d neglected for too long) are a priority right now and I have very little motivation (or time)  to write anything related to Gorgon (or anything else).

That said, I do check the forums every day (at least twice a day).  So if you have a bug, or need a question answered, I will try to help.  Again, because of my “schedule” I may be a bit late in the replies (although ShadowDust702 has been doing a fine job of answering questions while I’m out drinki… er.. working).

Speaking of forums, forum member Cycor posted some code to convert GIF animations into Gorgon sprite animations.  You can view the code here (sorry for the late acknowledgment).


It’s been a while since I’ve last updated, over a month actually.  I’ve been dealing with some major real life issues so I haven’t had any time to devote to Gorgon unfortunately and I won’t be able to for a while (at least not until the end of August).  I recently dumped the latest batch of code into the subversion repository and it contains several small bug fixes and some new additions (like a polygon sprite).

As always, if you find an issue please log it on the Gorgon issue tracker page.

Oh and to the person who was having issues with keyboard input: I still haven’t been able to reproduce the bug and you haven’t replied to the issue comments, so I’m closing it for now.  I don’t need the full project source code, but if you could even whip up a sample project that exhibits the behaviour, that’d be perfect.  If you can help me verify it, I’ll re-open it when I get back from vacation in August.

President Obama

So my US counterparts.  You have a new president. 

I’m a Canadian, and I’m a very proud Canuck.  For the last 8 years I’ve watched the US get flushed down the toilet by incompetence and greed.  Because of this it became a shadow of its former glory.  And now you’ve gone and elected a man who can possibly repair the damage done by that imbecile, George W. Bush.  I sincerely hope he can start the US back on the path to greatness.

I followed the election coverage tonight with great interest.  Certainly with more interest than I showed for my own country when our election came around (Stephen Harper’s another imbecile btw, too bad we don’t have a candidate with 0.0000000000001% of Obama’s charisma).  I cared so much about it because not only was it the potential end of the reign of incompetence, but also because of the historic connotations brought about by electing the first black president.  I’m proud to have been able to witness this in my lifetime.  And I’m proud, for the first time in a very long time, of the USA for having the foresight to elect this man.  Not because of the colour of his skin, but by the quality of his character.

The USA has always claimed to be the greatest nation on the planet.  Tonight, they have taken the first step to proving this to the rest of the world.

Yay!  Now I can come visit Seattle.  Finally.  Btw, Mr. Obama, will you please do something about this stupid passport requirement (I have one, but we were such good friends once, that I didn’t require it)?

Congratulations USA.  I wish your country and its people the greatest luck on your road to recovering your status as the great nation you were before Bush.