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.NET 4.5 – Visual Studio 2012

So, I got myself a copy of Visual Studio 2012 Pro.  It’s pretty nice, except for the shitty all-caps menus (which you can turn off with the registry hack located here).  I really didn’t have any plans on moving Gorgon v2.x to .NET 4.5/VS2012 until I saw this:


No more PIX! I can barely contain myself.

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Gorgon v1.x – Visual Studio 2010

I’m updating the solution and projects for Gorgon 1.x in the Subversion respository to use Visual Studio 10 .  The current binary release still uses Visual Studio 2008 and will continue to do so until a new release is put up.

If you are freaking out over this because it’ll somehow be the end of everything you love and hold dear, stop whining and get the express version of VS 2010 here.

Please note Gorgon still uses .NET 3.5 SP1 and you can use the binaries with Visual Studio 2008.  Again, you only need Visual Studio 2010 to compile the source for Gorgon.  I cannot stress that enough.